Civil War dog gifts and souvenirs

                                 Featuring Sallie Ann Jarrett, mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry,
                                                                                    a canine hero at Gettysburg













Adult T-Shirt - $16.49 (S to XL) $19.99 (XXL)   “The Loyalty Of Dogs” Poster - $7.49                Children’s T-Shirt - $10.89 (S to L)               Out-of-print 1962 true story of Sallie,
plus shipping                                                plus shipping                                                                    plus shipping                $43.95 plus shipping











           “Vigil” & “Tribute” Print Set                          “Camp Musicians” Note Cards - $12.95                   Out-Of-Print history of the                 “Sallie” wrapped canvas 16” x 20”
           Available framed or unframed                                                                      
plus shipping                        11th PA Volunteer Infantry                      $65.99 (shipping included)

                                                                                                                                                                                   $42.99 plus shipping









                Framed “Camp Musicians” & “Tribute”                              Vintage Dog Cards (Birthdays & Blank Notes)                                     

                          $37.99 (includes shipping)                                                   (Sets for $12.95-14.95 includes shipping)                             “Sallie Civil War Dog”  (Out of print)
                                                                                                                    See all available designs at the link above                                         ($70.99
plus shipping)




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